A la carte activities :

All of our activities come with set goals and state of mind… 2 features that are the heart of our activities !

We can customize our programs to your needs… Integrate an activity in your program, include workshops in your paper chase… or the other way around ?!

Questions? Precisions? Need inspiration? Do not hesitate to reach out to us !

Paper Chase :

« Studio Cité »

The Hundred Years’ Wars are long gone, Albigensian Crusades and other warring rides are ancient history, let’s give way from now on to ‘Studio Cité’.
Your day campaign will lead you to the discovery of Carcassonne’s millennial City. In order to guide you, you will be provided with a log book on your quest. Along your way, you will need to achieve as many challenges as possible for a chance of victory.

State of mind: Friendly, adventurer, dynamic

Intended Purposes : Develop group cohesion, creativity and imagination, excelling oneself

Site  : Carcassonne’s Medieval CityDSCN2388 (1280x720)

Equipment provided per team : :

  • Road book
  • Medieval City map
  • Notebook and pen

Duration : app. 2h00

Price reward included :

350€ before tax – 1 to 15 peopleDSCN0167 (1280x935)

20€ before tax / additional person

Options : Integration of one of our challenge workshop activity, see below :)


« The pause is over, strike a pose »

We can set up this activity in the place of your chosing, discovery and convivality are waiting for you… A custom-made logbook will lead each team in their quest, but each minute counts, time is pressing and you will need to take up many challenges to obtain victory.

Intended Purposes : Friendly, daring, dynamic

Intended Purposes : Develop group cohesion, creativity and imagination, excelling oneself

Site : where you want20130607_153915 (1280x720)

Rates : 380€ before tax (a map of the location should be provided)

Equipment provided per team : :

  • Backpack
  • Compass
  • Camera
  • Logbook
  • Notebook and pen

Duration : 1 to 3 h depending on the program and activities you choose

Options : Going around by bike (MTB – E-bike – QBX -…) + integration of challenges


Multi-activity Challenges

‘Challenge workshops Flavor & Fragrance’

Being able to recognize a taste or a smell… not so easy when blind tasting. These 2 workshops allows your sense to get used to savoring in a fun way.

  • Flavor workshop : Awaken your taste buds. Each participant will taste beverages (sweet, sour, sparkling…) and will be asked to identify them. This workshop allows you to link different tastes with different parts of your tongue.
  • Fragrance workshop : Awaken your sense of smell. Each participant will smell odors and will be ask to link them with a color of wine (chocolate, spices, blackcurrant… = red wine). This workshop helps you stimulate your sense of smell before tasting.

State of mind : Friendly, focus, nature

Intended Purposes : Develop exchange & dialogue, prepare your senses to a possible tasting P1090858 (1280x960)

Site : indoor or outdoor

Rates : 300 € (before tax)

Equipment provided per team : :

  • Table with decoration
  • Fragrance pouches
  • Beverages + glasses

Duration : 20 to 30 minutes per team over half a day

Partner : Domaine Fontanille Haut

Options : Introduction to tasting, learn how to taste a wine (its age, attributes, the variety of its grape…), a perfect way to truly appreciate your wine. An expert will guide you through this introduction, and will teach you the basics to discover your wines from every angle.

« Challenges Stay the Course »

Saddle up and stay focus because there is no need going too fast. On a bike skill course, get over the obstacles without putting your feet on the ground… Anticipation, focus, balance, precision will be your best allies to contribute to your team victory.

State of mind : Friendly, dynamic, solidarityParcours d'habileté (1280x719)

Intended Purposes : Develop focus, observation, self-control

Site : outdoor

rates : 350 € (before tax)

Equipment provided per team :

  • Bikes (MTB or Hybrid)
  • Helmets

Duration : 20 to 40 minutes per team over half a day

Options : Vary your experience with our different types of bikes (Tandem – Fat Bike – BMX – …)


‘Challenge workshops Bike Mix’

Just like a professional team, each one will contribute to victory. When your turn comes up, you will need to put together a part of your bike (pedal mechanism, brake cable, tires, bearings…) and customize your own outfit (bike plates, hat, shirt…)

State of mind : Friendliness, focus, observation, dynamism

Intended Purposes : Develop division of task, rally around a common project, creativity and imagination, excelling oneself.

Site  :indoor or outdoorDSCN2387 (1280x1033)

Rates : 450€ (before tax)

Pricing includes : :

  • Assembly stand
  • Bike in separate parts
  • Tool box
  • Outfit to customize
  • Colored felt pen and accessories

Duration : 30 to 60 minutes per team over half a day

Option : Cheered on by its teammates, the designated athlete will have to establish the team record during a race against time to win the yellow jersey.

photo (956x1280)

“Challenges if affinities”

  • Archery challenge with Eaurizon
  • Paper making challenge with le Moulin à papier
  • Zip-line challenge with Eaurizon
  • Slack line challenge with Eaurizon

  • DSCN4796 (1280x720)Tir à l'arc (1280x719)